Hi  and Welcome,
            I have been in the beauty Industry for 34 years, starting with           Trim-Tone of London, where I was involved in the research & production of their Blend Electrolysis machines.
I have seen fantastic results over the years, and enjoy helping people to regain confidence in their appearance.. my experience ranges from Polysistic overy Syndrome (pcos) to transgender clients.
Unwanted hair can be very distressing to many people and electrolysis remains the only recognized and proven form of permanent hair removal.
I specialise in Electrolysis for Permanent Hair removal and Advanced Electrolysis which is  for the removal of minor skin blemishes such as Skin tags and Thread veins.   I also offer other beauty treatments including:Waxing, Eyelash/Brow Tinting, holistic therapies such as Relaxing beneficial Reflexology with Reiki. 
                            So come say Hi and have a treatment .
 Some questions you may want to know if you are thinking about having Electrolysis
 Q: What is Electrolysis hair removal ? Is it Painful?
 A:  Electrolysis uses a very fine sterile disposable probe which is inserted into the hair follicle, a small electrical current is applied to the tiny blood supply which is at the base of the follicle ,the hair is then removed.
         It is a  flexible and universal treatment able to offer permanent hair removal to any combination of hair and skin colour, and can be used safely 
        on the face and body.  The feeling  varies for everyone but pain wise similar to plucking a hair , not nice but not too bad. It is Not like laser or Ipl, which cannot be used completely safely on anything other than fair skin and dark hair.
            I am using the latest Apilus  Cleo professional electrolysis machine renowned for its client comfort and excellent results.
You are welcome in confidence, so if you think I may be able to help or you would like to find out more about a treatment please contact me                                        I may be with a client, But I promise to get right back to you
  Electrolysis hair removal   
            10 mins ...£10
             15 mins ..£14                          
            20 mins ...£18
            30 mins ...£28
            1 hour .....£45
  Advanced Electrolysis for the removal of Thread vein / skin tags   
           15 mins....£ 25
 Wonderfully Relaxing Reflexology ..£20
 Christchurch, Dorset.                                                     
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